International shipping, air transportation and railway express all increase in price, which makes it difficult for shippers to ship.

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2021 is the peak season for cross-border exports, but the international logistics presents the congestion and popularity only in the peak season. Recently, the prices of international shipping, air transportation and railway express are all rising, and all kinds of warehouses are bursting. The outrageous price rise can not keep up with the epidemic situation. Now the sea freight to the United States has reached 12000 US dollars. The air dispatch cost of FBI in the United States has reached 50-80 yuan per kilogram, and the price of UPS air order has also reached 75 yuan per kilogram. The price of electricity sales in Hong Kong has been found, and 50-70 does not matter. But at present, there is still no position in this situation. The shipping position of the United States has been arranged to April, and the containers of Mason and Zim are hard to find. There are many shipping companies or freight forwarders selling positions in the market. There is no chance for the contracted containers to be placed in the warehouse. There is no way to put the containers in the warehouse or pick up the containers. A lot of foreign trade practitioners are proposing that shipping, air transportation, international express card, express delivery and so on are all rising in price. Congestion and rising prices have brought them down.
According to the information provided by the freight forwarder, the freight forwarder can't control the price increase. There is no space for booking. After booking the space, the long salary is not paid and the container is not picked up. It's hard to book the position. When the container is mentioned, the price of the whole company rises temporarily. The customer also cancels the order and acts as the freight forwarder. It's too lazy these years. For sellers. The growth of order volume leads to the logistics unable to ship, the profit is also seriously compressed, and the cross-border business is becoming more and more difficult, so the whole logistics business has a chain reaction, one block is blocked, and the shippers and freight forwarders are crying
The second and fourth largest express companies have burst all over the world. Due to port congestion and container congestion, as well as airport congestion, airport delays lead to international express air cargo can not fly out in time. In addition, due to the foreign epidemic, many workers do not go to work to deliver goods in time, and many goods are stacked in the warehouse.
Europe's railways are also congested, and they have become the main force. A lot of European railway transport capacity has been expropriated by the government or taken by some large multinational companies. At present, shippers who need to deliver goods need to plan delivery 30 to 60 days in advance. Fully play well in advance. For e-commerce sellers, we should leave enough time to avoid out of stock, especially in holidays. We should prepare the goods in advance as much as possible.